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The Mantic Pendulum is a multi-mode, envelope controlled, crossfading mixer/switcher. It is a dynamic utility pedal meticulously designed to offer solutions to some common practical problems as well as inspire new ways of integrating complex effects chains and multi-instrumental rigs. Its many uses include but are not limited to:

-Auxillary Effects Gate: your playing dynamics control when an effect is present or absent

-Volume swell

-Add a clean blend to any effect or effects chain

-Fade in/out any effect or effects chain (pseudo tails)

-Gradually shift between instruments, amplifiers, or effects chains

-Unique panning tremolos

-Side Chainer


There are 4 modes on the Pendulum, each differing in how the envelope is triggered:

-Blue Mode: Footswitch (momentary or latching)

-Green Mode: Gate threshold, dynamic actuator, sidechainer

-Yellow Mode: Recurring/cyclical, quasi tremolo

-Red Mode: Tapped pattern


Other Features:

-Settings automagically save once mode is changed

-Receives MIDI messages for all controls via 3.5mm TRS

-Robust components and build quality

-Soft touch footswitch

-Multi-color, backlit, pushbutton LED indicators

-High Performance ADC/DAC

-Full user manual booklet included


Tech Specs:

-9VDC center-negative

-Current Draw: 500mA in-rush, 150mA continuous

-Input impedence: 60k

-Output Impedence: 1k


User Manual PDF